My 1st Carnation

I received my 1st carnation bouquet last Saturday! :P As always, my loving hubby surprised me with a nice cosy lunch date @New York New York, Sembawang Shopping Centre, with a nice little bouquet of carnation! It's real sweet of him & I truly appreciate him alot :)

Initially, I thought the lunch & bouquet was to "compensate" for crashing my Mac while he was trying to update some software (yes, my Mac is still recuperating. Thank goodness my genius hubby is able to retrieve bulk of my stuff, otherwise... he's probably already a DEAD MAN! :P *evil smile*). Then when I read the card, I realized it's for "Mother's Day"! haha... It was funny...

My 1st carnation... marks a new chapter of my life. Mixed feelings, although more excitement & thrill than worry. I know I'll do my best, so I hope I'll be able to cope & be a good mother for bb Edda. Well, at least some things for sure, I know my parents & parents-in-law will definitely be there to help. Most of all, I know Edward will always be a loving & supportive husband, & I know he's gonna be a wonderful father, a SUPER-DAD! ;)
Here's wishing all Mothers in the world once again a happy & fulfilling motherhood! :)


sleepygwen said...

ed is sooo sweet~..whn will my mr leow b d same? (chng d carnation to other flowers & to other occasion)..^^

Knotty Bicsie said...

haha... actually it takes BOTH to spice things up a bit in all relationships. :) Surprise him... He'll appreciate the joy & warmth of such gestures from u, & he'll definitely shower you with sweet surprises ;)