Funky Knit Workshop @Hwa Chong Institute on 12&13 Oct 2010

Knotty Bicsie is very happy to be invited to be part of Hwa Chong Institute (College)'s Annual Sabbaticals Program again this year :) Coincidentally, this marks my "grand" return to work from my maternity leave :P Once again, I had lotsa fun @HCI with their enthusiastic students & helpful staffs. I'm surely looking forward to a very long term collaboration :)
Last year, my mum & Funky Knitter Amy were my assistants. This year, since my mum gotta help look after baby Edda, & Amy is busy with her work, I got Funky Knitters, Ayako & Chenyen, to help out instead. & they were equally awesome & lovable!!! Thanx, ladies! ;) 

"Very interesting lesson. Steps taught were clear & manageable. The lesson ensures that everyone is able to catch up & learn at a suitable pace. The teacher & assistants are helpful, patient, friendly & cheerful in their guidance. Overall, a great & enjoyable knitting lesson! :D" - Ying Yun

"Good! :)" - Ming Wei

"It was an interesting lesson & I am much more familiar with knitting now :D" - Siman

"Friendly & clear guidance from patient teacher & helpers. Easy to understand instructions. Great lesson! :)" - Shermaine

"Very fun! Pace could be faster so that we can maybe do 2 products in 1 lesson :D Makes me want to learn knitting after this :)" - Charlotte

"Instructions were clear & easy to follow! Helpers were extremely helpful in providing help when needed. Perhaps some course materials can be given so we can continue to knit as a hobby after the workshop." - Shirley

"Interesting. But more can be taught. Like how to change the yarn colour etc." - Huijun

"It is fun to knit, I enjoyed myself. The instructors were very helpful." - Peiqi

"Clear instructions were give, & sufficient time was given for us to complete our project. The instructors are also friendly & approachable! :)" - Sze Ling

"Good introduction. Should have explained more about different knitting patterns, how to make those kinds of colourful knitting patterns. Overall an enjoyable session. :)" - Qianlin

"Session was extremely clear, fun & educational. Would like to knit more things." - Simin

"Lesson was interesting & fun. Instructors were helpful & friendly. Good for extra materials to be provided so that we can continue knitting at home. Thank you! :)" - Amelia

"Instructions given were very clear & instructors were very friendly & helpful :)" - Huicong

"Thank u for bringing us such an excellent knitting course! I like knitting a lot & wish that I can learn more from you when my study is not so busy :)" - Chen Minne

"More choices." - Cheryl

"More variety of projects instead of handphone pouch, students can be given some other choices." - Jia Min

"Enriching & fun!" - Congzhi

"A great eye-opener to knitting! :) It was thoroughly enjoyable & the instructors were awesome. Thanks!" - Valerie

"Thank you!! I had so much fun knitting today! :) Today's lesson is really interesting & useful. Thank you!" - Wandong

"The Funky Knit Workshop was really really interesting :) I really enjoyed myself. I suggest for a longer duration for this course so we can learn new knitting techniques/ knit different stuffs. The explanations & guidance from the instructors were pretty clear :)" - Shi Min

"Quite interesting. Hope this course can continue next year." - Yeqi

"Fun, but the time is a little short :) Provides us with more yarn colours :)" - Wuyan

"Very fun & engaging! Patient teachers." - Rachel

"Quite fun :)" - Yidi

"It was a very fun lesson, & the playing of music was effective in making a more relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed myself greatly!" - Jia Xin

"Great experience & good teaching! :)" - Eiffel

"Class too big. Different people learn at different pace. Perhaps more styles can be taught." - Hui Yi

"The session could be longer so that we can learn more techniques :)" - Yi Jung

"Engaging :)" - Amanda

"Easy & relatively interesting workshop." - Ruofan

"Very fun & interesting. I would like to try out new projects given the time." - Shi Ya

"It was a very fun & relaxing session :)" - Felicia

"The workshop was very fun & easy to learn. I really enjoyed knitting. the instructors were interesting & friendly." - Yijia

"Interesting workshop." - Ying Xuan

"Quite fun. The instructors are very helpful. The skills are useful." - Simin

"Very fun :)" - Yinuo

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