New!!! Shuttle Tatting Workshop with Knotty Bicsie

Shuttle tatting has always been very fascinating to me. I'm real lucky to have found a very skillful & fantastic instructor to come on board Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio. Ellen joined us for the 1st time in our collaboration with Hwa Chong Institution (College). Her shuttle tatting session has been well-received & we're in the process of making shuttle tatting workshop officially part of Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio. So do look out for the launch of the workshop in Nov 2010! ;)
"Excellent lesson! Instructor was very patient in explaining the methods. Very (x1000) interesting & creative tats, new skill learnt. Great eye-opener :D" - Qiu Li

"Thanks for the exposure. It was interesting :) Thanks for being immensely patient with us too! You're talented! :)" - Hong Kai

"A great eye-opener to tatting! :) the instructor was very kind & patient." - Valerie

"It's quite fun & therapeutic. I like tying chains & rings :)" - Elizabeth

"Very interesting cultural handiwork. Love the exoticness, but highly skilled activity. Can practice making friendship bands & such nice takeaways." - Hui Li

"Shuttle tatting is quite fun &interesting. But it's very tiring to look at / do :) Completing pieces give you a sense of satisfaction." - Kelly

"It's quite interesting :)" - Jacqueline

"It's actually quite fun & the tats are really delicate & pretty, but I can't really do it 'coz I'm bad with handicraft." - Jinny

"Quite interesting. maybe it should be extended to a 2-day course because 1 day is not enough to begin it properly & it's too tiring." - Suat Ying

"Interesting to learn. 2-day module will be better." - Huijun

"Tatting is difficult but interesting." - Peiqi

"It's an interesting course. Thanks so much!" - Chen Minne

"Course is interesting, but there could have been more intervals in between." - Priscilla

"Interesting course & helpful instructor." - Cerlyn

"Should have used visualizer to demonstrate. Can be prolonged to 2 days in order to complete product. Interesting!" - Cheryl

"Very fun! eye-opening! Could have done more products." - Charlotte

"Very clear & easy to follow instructions. Very understanding, patient & friendly teacher :D Fun & interesting! :D" - Shermaine


❦TattingChic said...

Oh, how fun someone had a workshop and taught about how to do chains and rings! How cool! :D
~TattingChic ♥

Knotty Bicsie said...

Thanx, TattingChic! I LOVE ur tats too! Even your shuttles are beautiful! ;)