Working from Home...

HELLO!!! I know I haven't been blogging for a long long time... just couldn't find the quality time & discipline to do it :P Many thanks to all Knotty Fans who's been emailing/sms-ing your well-wishes. I feel so loved each time I hear from you peeps. Thank u! :)))

I always say Knotty Bicsie is a "happy accident", yet it's given me & my family our ideal lifestyle. Truly feel very lucky & blessed. Running my little home studio not only has given me lotsa freedom & flexibility to balance between work & family, most importantly now it's given me the joy of witnessing every milestone of my growing little angel. Edda is almost 8months old now... time really flies, watching her learn something new everyday. A little smile from her magically makes everything ok. We all laugh heartily with her whenever she laughs & giggles. She's indeed a bundle of joy packed with abundance of love & warmth :) 
Well, besides "entertaining" & "being entertained by" Edda :P , I've been kept busy in our kitchen & our crafting studio too lo. Yup, been cooking almost everyday nowadays, healthier, save $$$, & less disruptive to our little girl's routine in the evening, even though it means getting busy in the kitchen as early as 6+am everyday @_@ So dinner out during Saturday nights have become a little treat for me :)

As for Knotty Bicsie's plan & directions for 2011, we will be focusing more on corporate deals & Weddin'Craft Parties this year...
We've had 2 groups of ladies coming over for their Hen's Party so far, & it's been really fun!

As for corporate workshops, we have the honour of working with Warren Golf Country Club, Singapore Chinese Girls' School Art Club & Sahara Sundance Event Company to conduct knitting & other crafting workshops since last year. All have been fun & exciting. Special thanks to all my instructors too. All these workshops would not be possible without YOU! :) Letx work hard together to make crafting a modern way of life for everyone! ;)

In adjustments to my new routine, Knotty Bicsie Home Studio is now opened on whole of Fri & Sat, & Sun mornings only. Selected Thursday slots are also available. Hence, to avoid disappointment, do book & confirm your slots as early as possible. :)

Introducing 2 of our many new Funky Knitters...
"The pace was slow enough for me therefore I could easily understand what she was teaching me. Now I am able to grasp the basic skills of knitting. As it was also a one-to-one teaching experience, that benefitted a lot as well." - Dellysda, 10th Feb 2011.
Sherman is really sweet & wanted to knit something for his sweetheart as Valentine's Day & went straight to YouTube. Unfortunately it turned out to be a disaster :P & eventually found his way to Knotty Bicsie Home Studio...
"My knitting experience is tough & challenging for me. Tangled up a couple of times & got mistakes. Knitting is not smooth-sailing at all. Thanks to Betsy for her kind patience & faithful teaching!" - Sherman Yeo, 12th Feb 2011.

Besides teaching, my fingers are still wriggling around to make some special orders for Knotty Fans out there. There's been some scarf, baby booties & other orders as well. A Knotty Phant Collector, Jet, kept her promise & came back again for her annual Knotty Phant! Now our 3 Knotty Phants are making friends @Jet's Japonicas Garden :)))
So you see, multi-tasking is definitely an under-statement for Knotty Bicsie this year :P Nevertheless, to maintain the quality of our creations & teachings, I'm sorry I have to disappointment some of you sometimes :( So pls do make your orders & confirm your workshops as early as possible to avoid any disappointment :)


chocolatelover said...

Edda will make a great change of life for you and Ed!

It has been a while since i last saw you!

Maybe a few of us should catch up one of these days!

Knotty Bicsie said...

Our life has already changed since Edda's arrival! :P Definitely a wonderful new phase for us... Hope to have another one in another year or 2... :P

It's been a long long while indeed... We MUST catch up soon! :)