A Glimpse @A Few of the Many Knotty Orders That's Been Keeping Us Busy

Special note to all the disappointed Knotty Fans whose orders we've not been able to work on: Really very sorry to disappointment u, but September & October has always been our busiest months & our hands are literally, really very tight :( So do remember to order early next time to avoid disappointment :)
Knotty Phant, Pinky, to join her siblings at a loyal Knotty Fan's collection.  Jet's been collecting a Knotty Phant on every Knotty Bicsie's Birthday! Thanx, Dear! ;)
No doubt tired, everyone @Knotty Bicsie is always thrilled when we manage to put happy smiles on  Knotty Fans' faces when they receive our packages. Yay! :) Here are a few of them... :)
There's been sooo... many babies joining our happy Knotty Club, I've really lost count! The other day someone asked me if I keep count of how many booties I've made & how many are "out there" playing with the little princes & princess. Hmm... honestly, I've lost count! :P But If I may use my Knotty Bicsie packaging boxes to gauge (well, this can only be a ROUGH gauge, since some did not want the box coz it's to be mailed overseas, or some are meant for their own babies, while some requested for a few pairs to be put into 1 box...), then we must've sold at least 1200pairs of booties over the past 5years!!! Since I've used up about 1200pcs of boxes :P Wow! I must thank that person who asked me this challenging question! Never realize this is how much you Knotty Fans out there LOVE us! THANK YOU!!!! WE LOVE YOU too & promise to continue to make these little handmade-with-love & always come up with new knitty gritty to melt your hearts with ;)
Besides booties, of course we've been making many other knitty gritty, from the practical ones like scarf & beanie... to wearables... even some whacky ones like the Amigurumi, bowties, knitted placenta for teaching aid (this is still the quirkiest by far! :P), etc. :P It's really been very fun for us @Knotty Bicsie too! :)
I totally enjoyed knitting this little cardigan for a little princess. I'm so loving the colours! :) 
These 2scarves are flying all the way to florida to keep a loving pair warm. Hand-stitched some "love notes" on the scarves. His tag reads: "Wifey <3 Me"; Her tag reads: "Hubby <3 Me" :)))
I can hear the jingling X'mas bell ringing already.... if u are planning to get some Knotty handmade-with-love, gentle reminder to All Knotty Fans: With immediate effect, pls allow at least 3 weeks production time for all orders. Bulk orders will be at least 4weeks, depending on the volume & complexity of designs. Thank you! We really do not wanna rush through our work, as we would rather maintain our standard & quality of our creations :) If u do need any URGENT order (1-2items within 2weeks), there'll be a surcharge of 20% of product price. Thank u for your kind understanding! :)

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