I Love "Zakka" Style. What About U?

Sorry this feature comes rather late this week. Been really busy rushing orders, while running our annual "birthday pilgrimage" to Hwa Chong Institution for 2 full days of Workshops (will blog about it later :P).

This 3rd local talent in this week's feature has a "special relationship" with my family, for Ivy, creative hands behind ivbelongings, is Edda's "honorary dress-maker & hairband-maker"! :P Ivy is a work-from-home-Mummy, just like me & Jocelyn. She has 2 lovely daughters & Aunty Betsy has "special feelings" for the elder sis, Tzian... shh... pls don't tell Tshan :P I fondly remembers how Ivy will make pretty dresses for her girls & add little details to her own clothes, just so they will have "mother-&-daughter-look"... How adorably sweet, right! So when Edda comes into our lives, Ivy immediately comes to my mind when I was shopping for Edda's dress for her 1st Birthday! :))) Very very very pretty dress with many lovely details. It's every girl's (& Mummy's too) dream dress! Look how happy our little Angel is wearing the dress! :D & the yummiliciously cute hairband too, of course! :)))

Ivy is superb in her sewing skills. Her attention to details makes her creations extra sweet & special. Confession: I'm a collector of her hand-sewn baby booties, even when I was selling my very own hand-crochet booties @MAAD! :P Most of Ivy's designs are "zakka" inspired - a Japanese vintage style. This makes her work very timelessly lovely too. U can easily feel her simple, humble, ernest & sweet personalities from her amazing work of heart :)
Check out all her pretty knick-knacks on her online stall www.ivbelongings.com
Warning: Watch that hole in your pocket, for everything is so irresistible! :P

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