In Loving Memory of Our Very Special Knotty Elf, Oreo

I have never really introduced this very special elf at Knotty Bicsie, but Knotty Fans who's visited our studio would've met him. Oreo was always charming, especially with the kiddos. Oreo had & will always have a special place in my heart. On Oreo's 2nd birthday, I started Knotty Bicsie. Every year as we celebrate Knotty Bicsie's Anniversary, we celebrate Oreo's Birthday...
On 24th November (Sat), Oreo waited till Knotty Fans from the morning class to leave to spend his last moments with me. I'm sorry we couldn't spend more quality time together, but am glad I was with you till you finally rest in peace. We will always remember you, Old Pal!

Oreo, 6 October 2004 - 24 November 2012.

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