NEW! Finger Knitting & Decoupage Tile Coasters Workshop

The school holidays are here & X'mas is just round the corner! As usual, Knotty Bicsie has prepared a few special workshops for our Knotty Fans this season. These workshops are suitable for children too. Great time to come learn something new & be able to hand-make something for your love ones this X'mas! :)

Finger knitting is a form of knitting done entirely using fingers with no knitting needles involved in this technique! It is a fun way to introduce knitting to anyone, including children and easy to learn. A great way to keep one occupied too, e.g. travelling, as it is safe to do finger-knitting on planes.

Finger knitting produces a long thin strip of stitches which can be made into many useful items such as a scarf, belt, hair / gift decoration! 

Course Fees: S$28.00/pax, INCLUDES materials.Limited seats only. Email to register now! :)

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object using paper cut-outs, giving an appearance of depth and makes the pictures look as though they are painted on the object. Decoupage is a fun and easy way to decorate any object from small vases to large furniture. Best of all, decoupage can be learnt quickly in just a few steps.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to decorate tile coasters using decoupage, which make lovely handmade gifts for any occasion! 

Course Fees: S$48.00/pax, INCLUDES materials.
Limited seats only. Email to register now! :)

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