Meet Funky Knitter - Seline

"When i first learn knitting from Betsy in the MAAD, I knew it was different. Compare to the other places that you learn, it's a remarkable experience. Betsy is very attentive and patient. She not only teaches you the basic and right method of it, she also explains every details that you are unsure of, & she also always makes sure that we have no problem in our project. 
Knitting in Betsy's home studio is also another amazing experience. A comfortable and soothing place for knitting. Check out her baby booties, & your heart will definitely melt when you see them!
Betsy, thank you for teaching me the techniques, it was a great knowing you for the one month. If I could stay, I will definitely learn more. See ya again when I'm back... keep in contact!!!! muack muack..."
- Seline, 2nd August 2008

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