I'm the BIGGEST Knotty Fan!

"When i first got the kit to make these fluffy creations, i thought they looked like some ninja weapons when fully open. Hence the inspiration behind this photo. :) I really love making my poms poms and i make them everywhere when i get some time to sit down - be it on the mrt or waiting for a friend. Personally, my favourite part of making these little balls of fluff is when i get to slice into the yarn and see it spread into a ball of nice poof!" - Ee Wei, 15th August 2008

"There's so much creativity and vibes going on wiring up these knots of love! I never owned a pair of knitted shoes before and my son's just so fortunate to have his first pair of knitted shoes from his auntie as a gift! Hopefully, i can also learn this wonderful skill from bicsie and create more naughty shoes! A proud owner of knotty bicsie!" - Angelia, 13th August 2008

"I like the colour combination of your products. The prices of the products are just right and they are of good quality... Also, you are very efficient in sending the goods to us as soon as possible!" - ChenYen, 8th August 2008

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