Our Crafting Studio

Our Crafting Studio is getting crowded these days! Check out our busy Funky Knitters & Crochet Craze! This is how our studio looks like almost everyday! As recent as a month ago, we have workshops EVERYDAY, from Mon-Sun! Then a few sweet students asked me, "Then when's your off-day? You mean you don't have a rest day??" Hmm... then it struck me that I SHOULD declare at least 1 off-day for myself! :P So now, Monday is my official off-day, but from crafting studio only la :P I usually use Monday to update this blog (like what I'm doing now), do some paper work, plus some house chores. My mum usually comes by every Monday to hang out too. So we'll spend a day together, sometimes knitting/crocheting in my studio, sometimes out shopping :)

Many students have told me that they are envious of my life, or rather lifestyle now, doing what I like in my home environment & making a living at the same time :) well, I must agree I feel very grateful for this blissful life indeed. I truly appreciate all the TLC (tender love & care) given by my hubby & family, & also the generous support given by my wonderful, enthusiastic Knotty Fans like yourself! Thank you all, you made this ideal lifestyle possible for me! :D

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