A Productive Tuesday

One of the reasons why I decided on making Knotty Bicsie a home-studio is so that I can put family as top priority as I work. And as many of u know by now, Tuesdays are my "off-day", when I get to run errands, do house chores, & also to catch up on my production la. So "off-day" really just mean "no class day" ba :P

I'm happy I'm really productive today. Managed to grab a nice breakfast with good coffee & do some marketing after dropping my girl off at school this morning. Once I got home, I started brewing our daily soup (a "must-have" for my family, radish soup today :)), do the laundry, transplanted some new "greens" at our balcony, reply some emails, place new orders for materials... then stomach started growling at almost 12noon :P Perfect timing, since soup is ready! So I had lunch, followed by A LITTLE knitting (yes, I do knit/crochet almost EVERYDAY :P) before bringing Knotty Every out for a "little spin" :P

1st stop: Activated C Studio
Met up with artist friend, Tang Ling Nah, at her studio, which is only 5min drive away fr my studio ;) I needed some advice from her on our Mee Suah 2013. Really appreciate her generosity in sharing with me all the "back-end" things to prepare & do. I've been "away" from the art scene for so long, I've almost lost touch! Thanx for all the tips & reminders, Ling Nah! ;)

2nd stop: Innova Junior College
A group of students from Innova Junior College is proposing a project work related to crochet & they found me on the internet & ask to interview me. Initially we struggled to fix a time to meet, so I offer to meet them in school since I drive. Finally met them & had a nice little chat in their canteen :P Pleasantly surprised when a Knotty Fan SMS me later, telling me that she saw Knotty Every drive past her neighbourhood! So Knotty Every is already a "celebrity" even before the extreme make-over??? Woohoo...! :P

Finally, I stopped by a coffee shop for my yummy ice milk tea before going to pick my 2 Dar-Dars up from school. Evenings are always nice & cosy family time... games, books, TV, cuddling :P after simple home-cooked food. Tonite's dinner - Radish soup noodles & steamed fish, Edda's favourite! ;)

Last but not least, blogging here, JUST before Wednesday! :P Tmr is gonna be another simply busy day I'm sure! Have a good week ahead, Knotty Fans! ;)

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