Making Some Knotty Noises

Hello, Knotty Fans! I know it's been yet another long long time... SORRY!!! Just that mobile upload to fb these days are so convenient, I find myself posting photos with quick captions onto our fb Fan Page all the time instead :P So are u following our Knotty News on our Facebook Fan Page yet?? :P

I started sending my girl to childcare since April & this sure frees me some time to get busy at Knotty Bicsie again...


Besides adding a few more sessions to our ongoing workshops, we are very lucky to get another regular corporate client at which we conduct various corporate workshops on a monthly basis. Yay...! :)

And I've also started taking in more customized orders again... So Knotty Fans, bring on all your crazy requests & keep our fingers wriggling like mad! hehe... :)

GOOD NEWS!!! By popular demand, we are bringing back our very successful Handmade-A-Fair!!! Once again to celebrate our Anniversary this October, we've invited some super talented crafters to set up "stalls" at our humble studio to bring you an extra-ordinary shopping experience! So stay tuned for our 6th Anniversary promotions... coming REAL SOON...! ;)

Also in the pipeline, we are in the process of cooking up a yummilicious Mee Suah 2013 for next year! Woohoo...! If u've been following us on our fb Fan Page, u will know about our "BIGGEST investment" & "new member" to our Knotty Family - Knotty Every :) Yup, our cute little van, which I'm doing an extreme make-over on :) His "BIG REVEAL" will be at our Mee Suah 2013 of course ;)

Here's a TINY peep at some Knotty touches on Knotty Every so far... (ps: model not included, of course! :P And yup, that's my little monster at home :P)

So u see, even though we have been very "quiet", we are working real hard to bring more exciting stuffs to you in the next few years. & we thank you for your patience & continuous support all these years! THANK YOU!!! (& stay tuned for more juicy news here...! ;))

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