Are There Many Knitters/Crocheters in Singapore?

When I 1st verbalize my intention to make knitting/crochet my "full-time job" (as my parents would say), u can imagine the shock look on my dad's face! Don't get me wrong, my dad is always very supportive. He just couldn't believe that his "well-educated daughter" can be so naive to think that this is gonna take off :/ Well, I must admit that I'm idealistic & willful when it comes to Knotty Bicsie la :P But this is how u have to be in pursuing our dreams, isn't it?? :)

Thankfully all effort sort of paid off when Knotty Bicsie started getting some media attention & our products & workshops are featured in shops, magazines & Straits Times. & my dad's response? "Hmm... I never knew there are so many people knitting & crocheting in Singapore!" Well, neither did I! I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of extremely crafty Singaporeans "hiding" in our own little crafting attic! If only we can all "come out" & show everyone how therapeutic & rewarding this hobby can be! :)

Recently, I chanced upon yet another crochet enthusiast, who turns out to be friend of my ex-students (yes, credit goes to fb again :P). Rachel makes kawaii amigurumi & posts them on her blog. Even better, she generously shares her patterns & "tricks" on her blog too! Check out her most recent creation - Singa, our courtesy lion :) Really admire her dedication in sharing this beautiful craft. Sure hope to collaborate with her on some projects some day :)

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