A Hot & Humid Weekend @Clarke Quay with Singapore Arts Street

It was definitely a hot, Hot, HOT weekend! We were at Clarke Quay Central from 11am-8pm on Sat & 11am-6pm on Sun. It was tough, but fun. Lotsa chatting, lotsa laughters, & definitely lotsa PERSPIRATION! :P
Check out this Magic Mushroom Ayako has ordered from me. Truly Something Magickal!
2 young talents sat beside me last weekend. Love the shoes! Asked Ling to customize a special pair of Knotty Bicsie Shoes for me. Can't wait to see my new "work shoes"!
Been awhile since I see the RingMaster, Ian's work in action at bazaar. These are his early works, which he's done during his school days. Aren't they cool?
Lynn, who loves crafting, tried her hands with polymer clay. Very intricate wo
rkmanship with Mathilda. Pretty!

On Sunday after we "sweat-it-out" @Clarke quay, rushed to a very good friend's surprise birthday, which her hubby had arranged. Gave a special FreeForm piece as birthdya present. Will post the picture up after she email to me :)

Happy Birthday, Young!

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