Some New Funky Knitters

Been procrastinating this for too long... here's a glimpse at a few Funky Knitters @Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio. Who says knitting is for old grannies in rocking chairs??? Check out these young & trendy fashion wear our Funky Knitters has come up with!
Robert, my very 1st male student. I'm really proud of him! Guess what? He completed this beautiful scarf in just 2weeks!
Then Robert introduced his friend, Sanny, who later brought 2 other friends, Fiona & Evantia, along. They fall in love with knitting & will be back for more after they their exam in August!
Yumin & YingChern visited my stall @MAAD, fell madly in love with my creations & signed up for classes with me immediately! Then Lisha joined in as well. Determined to beat Robert in completing their scarf within 2weeks, Lisha did it in 3weeks, while Yumin did it in less than 4! YingChern, we are waiting for you... :D
(ps: Yumin & YingChern, sorry about this strange blue hue to your photos. Must be my blue window :P)

These enthusaistic funky knitters really make my day. They make knitting & crafting even more fun. 

Funky Knitters, thank you for adding so much passion & laughters into Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio!

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