Despite the help, support & TLC given by my doting family, starting & running Knotty Bicsie can be quite demanding & lonely at times. Whenever we are at bazaars & fairs, we always need fellow vendors' help & support too. I must say I'm very lucky to have met many amazing like-minders through Knotty Bicsie. Here are 2 such beautiful people, Ayako (Something Magickal) & Cindy (Purple Lush).
Ayako's abstract painting has this somewhat sweet & cute, yet mystical lure to them, just like the artist herself. My favourite is her intuitive drawing, which has become an annual ritual for me to help me put things into perspective. Thanx, Ayako!
Cindy's handcrafted silver is dainty & beautiful, just like the designer herself. She's made a special letter "B" pendant with lemon quartz especially for me. Isn't it pretty? Thanx, Cindy!
All artists, designers & crafters, let's all hang in there for a more vibrant & colourful art scene in Singapore! :)

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