Meet More Funky Knitters

Last weekend at MAAD my products took a "background" position since I was running Funky Knit Workshop. Nevertheless, my Magic Mushroom was selling like hotcakes! I made 12pcs & now I'm only left with 2! Time to make more! yippee..! Knotty Fans, thank you for loving my Magic Mushrooms! ;)
Funky Knit @MAAD over the weekend was a hit! There were so many new Funky Knitters, I hardly even got time for lunch! Looking at all the beautiful mobile phone pouches made by these 1st-time knitters, all the hard work was really worthwhile. Moreover, we all had fun!

Here's what some of the Funky Knitters have to say about their virgin knitting experience...
"I think the funky knitter is quite a useful introduction for those who had never tried knitting before. It teaches the fundamental needed to pick up this form of crafting but without being too technical. Its also rather affordable at $10 and we get to bring home a self-knitting handphone pouch, together with the knowledge to make more pouches. Overall, an interesting workshop and worth recommendation." - Ho Man, 20th July 2008

"Dear Betsy... i luv my new hp pouch. was apprehensive & afraid that knitting was difficult to pick up but your introductory lesson & patient coaching with tips along the way made the 2 hour session much fun ! i can't wait to knit myself a scarf for my trip to japan end sept. and if i ever get good enough, knit some more for my friends as xmas gifts ! i will check out your website soon & embark on my next project. i am glad i bought the pom pom set coz now i can make myself a pom pom bag for lunch :)" - Corine, 10th July 2008

"Dear Betsy, I enjoyed my very 1st knitting class with your heartfelt teaching to complete this pc of project. Thank you for your patience and guidiance to the end..... Believe I will set myself to the next knitting class journey soon." - Kate, 10th July 2008

"Dear Betsy, You were a great teacher! I had alot of fun, and I love the pouch! Would love to learn more from you if i've the chance." - Jilline, 8th July 2008

"Hi Betsy, Firstly, thank you so much for passing some knowledge of doing a therapeutic hobby to me. And guess what, i'm definitely addicted to knitting!! haha.. im looking forward to do more knitting projects especially bags and sweater. Your session was really helpful. You gave me full attention and help till i get the right way of knitting. And most importantly, you let me understand every details of the knitting process rather than just jumping in to knit and complete the project. That is the most important factor. And i thank you for that. It will let me understand more about the knitting process. In short, you did a very good job teaching me. And of course i will see you again. Thank you again. meanwhile take care." - Nur, 8th July 2008

"Dear Betsy, thank you for... your time and patience on Sat. I had tremendous fun working with you and look forward to picking up knitting proper some time soon. I'll definitely arrange it with you once I work out the details with sis. Have a great day!" - Jackie, 9th July 2008

"Hi Betsy. It was a very interesting experience, my first time at knitting.  You were very patient with beginners like us and I was really glad that at the end of the course, I was able to complete the handphone pouch and be able to bring something home.  Definitely considering to sign up and embark on other projects. Thanks!" - Zhenzhu, 9th July 2008

Today, yet another new Funky Knitter joins the club. Ohan, my super adorable Art Student from last year, decided to pick up knitting before she leaves America for studies. Her crazy, chirpy personality made Amy & I laughed sooo... much! I'm sure we'll have more whacky times together, since she's got a scarf to complete! ;D

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