Long Awaited KBCC Friendship Swap!

Finally it was time to do our KBCC Friendship Swap! Everyone was eager to give & also receive their handmade gifts to & from their respective partners. & o boy, we were all sooo.... thrilled by the amazing work of Art & Craft created by each & every KBCC member! I must say I was REALLY VERY IMPRESSED by the high standards of work created! The gifts were all so wonderful, Jullie & I were so jealous & regretted not being part of the swap this time! :(
Before the swap began, we had a little "visit back into memory lane" & had a good time talking about the joyous moments at previous KBCC sessions. Time flies.... KBCC is already 5 months old! Really grateful to all the support given by our enthusiastic KBCC members. I'm now secretly looking forward to celebrating KBCC's 1st Birthday with everyone! :P

Now, it's showtime! Check out our incredible handmade gifts! 
*Warning! Following content may make you drool &/or hiss with jealousy! ^@^

Our Origami Guru, Kelvin, made a special Magic Cube (sorry, forgot the proper term :P), which can be transformed into a bouquet of ROSE for lucky Deborah....

Ee Wei made a really PRETTY journal from scratch for Ariana! Including the binding, cover, backing, paper, everything from scratch! We were sooo... fascinated, especially by her handmade paper. Now by popular demand, Ee Wei will be teaching all of us how to make our own handmade paper journal at our next KBCC!!! Yay!!! Sign up for our next KBCC (bicsie@bigfoot.com) on 30th August (Sat), 2-5pm @Pauseability now! Limited seats only! :)

What a coincidence. Great minds think alike. Ariana made a crystal angel hp charm for Shireen, while Shireen made one for her partner, Valerie, too! So we had 2 happy angels at KBCC last Saturday!
Our Peranakan Master, Richard, made the most beautiful mini beaded clogs for Moses. These beauties were hand-painted & beaded by this amazing uncle! Even the tangs-studio-look-alike box is intricately handmade by Richard! Everyone was sooo.... envious by then, we were all screaming out our birthdays to everyone!

Our origami enthusiast, Rita, made these cute little sail boats in a magic box for Kelvin. How appropriate!
MCC Laura (don't ask what MCC stands for, it's our little secret code only for KBCC. Join KBCC to find out lo! hehe...) took up "Crochet Craze - Amigurumi" with me, especially to make this adorable owl for Richard. This little guy made everyone smile :)

Mastermind behind Pauseability, Moses, made his signature handmade journal for Adrian. He even made a little drawstring bag for the journal. I'm sure Adrian will love it!

Edward made a beautiful Merry-go-Round fro Ee Wei. This magical toy is just so EeWei! We could see EeWei's beautiful eyes lit up with excitement when she saw what Edward whipped out from a box! How nice... Well, as usual, Edward prefers to hide behind the camera lens. Edward, thanx for taking all these unforgettable shots @KBCC!

Finally, even though Adrian & Jasmine were not able to make it to KBCC last Saturday, they made special arrangements to make sure their partners will not go home disappointed & empty-handed. How sweet & thoughtful :)
So Rita got her handmade card & shark (special request by Rita) from Jasmine,

& Laura got her BIG flower brooch hand-knitted by Adrian. Everyone agreed that the brooch is sooo... Laura!

Well, well, so glad everyone went home happy & satisfied. Everyone agreed that it was fun & therapeutic while making their special gifts. The fact that it was for someone specific, made it even more meaningful & exciting. Crafting is indeed a modern way of life for everyone!

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