This piece is called Felicity because it has all my favourite citrus colours. I almost can smell all the wonderful citrus fruits as I was completing it, & this sensation made me very happy throughout...
A little side track from my work... :P Those of you who came to Mee Suah Opening, if you like my goodie bag & Knotty Pom Charms, well, they were all lovingly prepared by my inspiring teacher, my Mom! Thanx, Mummy! :) 
O, for those of you naughty Knotty Fans who have yet to activate your Knotty Fan Cards, please do so now le. No more discount for you then you know! :P hehe... no la, I'm in the process of consolidating my Fan Club systematically so I can give more special deals to you, my Knotty Fans mah! So please help me by activating your cards, ok? Thank you!

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