Live Interview on Radio 100.3

Yesterday was a fun fun FUN day! Ed & I made a trip to SPH where we had our live interview with DJ Wilson. It was the second time I've been in a recording room. It is totally different from the 1st time many many years ago when i was a kid! I remember how a typical recording studio is a solemn black box, very intimidating & stressful. But Wilson's studio is the exact opposite: cheerful & vibrant. The cosy environment really helped us feel more relaxed during the interview... :)

Actually before getting to the recording studio, Ed & I decided to get touristy & started snapping away... :P

This is me just outside SPH gate. See 100.3? :D

Then we see this HUGE side just outside the Podium & we just couldn't resist! :P

Wilson brought us up to the waiting area of 100.3 office to wait while he finish off some work prior to the live broadcast. Waited for 25min.... with nothing much to do, we decided to play with our camera again. hehe...

FINALLY! Inside the recording studio with our handsome DJ Wilson. & the show begins... :)
I have a recording of the whole interview, still trying to figure out which part of it to put on this blog... also trying to figure out how to do it with my iMovie. :)

Special Thanks to DJ Wilson for making yet another tiny little childhood dream of mine come true! You know what I mean. ;)

Ed & I felt a great sense of satisfaction & felicity yesterday. Never did we imagine that my seemingly crazy decision 2years ago, plus my willful & stubborn perseverance to run Knotty Bicsie have brought us so far & to so many places... We've been featured in magazines, Straits Times, made business trip to the kingdom of kawaii craft, Tokyo, been on TV with Pauseability, done my solo exhibition, now live interview on radio! Wow! I can never imagine such exciting journey if I had stayed on in my previous job. Tough route, but definitely adventurous & full of surprises, very fulfilling... I'm very grateful for all these colourful stories in this new chapter of my life, & I thank all of you who make these delightful stories possible!