KBCC #12 - Plushies Party

KBCC's 1st Anniversary on 28th March was a hit! It was so crowded, Moses, Ed & I have to give up our seats & chance to make our own plushies! :P Moses, thank you so so much for helping in the teaching!
We started our session with some "flashback", going through past KBCC photos & activities... O boy, sure brought back lotsa fond memories. The funniest gotta be the time when we braved the rain & continue our crafting at Botanical Garden! Haha... must've created a scene!
Then the session at Hougang Central Mall in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Street was indeed colourful & fun.
One of the most therapeutic session gotta be our painting session! This was also the month when Jullie gave birth to Little Prince Joel :)
Then came KBCC #12 - Plushies Party when everyone successfully created the cutest monster we can imagine! A few KBCC crafters were even awed by the fact that they can actually sew! haha... Well done, KBCC!!!
I'm sure there'll be many more cheerful kodak moments to add on to our KBCC album...
28th March 2009 KBCC turns ONE @Pauseability, time to say farewell to Pauseability... Moses, thank you so much for your hospitality & tolerance to our messy "craft-crumps" :P Pauseability had been a cosy home for KBCC for the past year. Thank you so much! We will miss Pauseabilty....

From April onwards, KBCC will shift to my home studio @Admiralty Drive. With the passion & enthusiasm of all KBCC Crafters, I'm sure KBCC will go a long long way... I always feel I'm very lucky to have all these wonderfully happy & generous crafters as part of KBCC, making KBCC such a vibrant & brilliant month "rendezvous" for all! ;)

Here's what 1 KBCC crafter wrote to me:
"Dear Betsy, I want to thank you for organizing KBCC... I enjoy the sessions & the people very much... ... I have been to a few such gathering before, but never find it comfortable with people there until I went to KBCC, I meet with friendly people... who want to share their knowledge, I feel so welcome... ... I like KBCC, it's family oriented :D... ..." - Yuliana Tjioe, 30th March 2009

As most of you know, KBCC is run based on the principle of "not-for-profit", & our goal is to make crafting a modern way of life for everyone. With each participants paying a mere $10/session, we provide all materials for the new craft we are learning, & we even try to throw in some delicacy for every session. (Tell u a little "secret", we are always strangely hungry after we complete our craft! haha...) So if you enjoy handicraft, have been unknowingly drawn to our blog, what are you waiting for?? Send an email to Betsy (bicsie@gmail.com) now & be part of the KBCC Family! Cya at our next session!

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