Meet Funky Knitter, Roz

"Betsy, you've been GREAT! Never could I imagine that I can actually knit something but you really have guided me through the whole process very, very patiently. I first came to you in Dec 2008 to knit a present for my special other but somewhere along the way, some personal problems cropped up & I decided to stop knitting. You've been very encouraging & it was thanks to you that I decided to pick up knitting again (with GUSTO this time!) and knit a winter scarf.

Lessons at your home studio are, in a sense, relaxing and therapeutic. It's like going to a gal friend's place to chit chat over balls of yarn to do knitting! To me, you are not just a teacher but also a friend. So, yes, my FIRST knitting mission is already complete and the best part is?

I'm not stopping here. Mission No 2 is already on the wayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Betsy!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Roz Rusli, 24th April 2009

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