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Had a surprise birthday party for a lovely young lady, Cindy, last Saturday after MAAD. Met her @MAAD in 2006 X'mas. Pretty, sweet, chirpy, friendly - this is my friend, Cindy. Like many others, I never knew silver jewellery can be hand-crafted (especially not in Singapore, I thought), until I met Cindy! Check out Cindy's little nook, Purple Lush
Everyone handmade something for Cindy & I knitted this vest in her favourite colour - PURPLE! (I know, I know, this is lilac. Both belongs to same family right?? :P) Really glad it fits her perfectly too! ;) Happy Birthday, Cindy!

These few weeks have been a little quiet than usual @our crafting studio 'coz it's exam period. Students need to focus on preparing for exams, & parents need to stay home to coach & monitor their kids doing revision at home. Hence, I end up having a surprisingly leisure Saturday afternoon off! hehe... :P Well, I was suppose to stay home to rush a few outstanding orders, since I did not knit/crochet for 2 days after I went to see a Chinese "sinsei" for my painful right wrist :( But hubby decided to bring me out on a HOT date instead! :P

We started our excursion with a visit to Ed's favourite Sunday hide-out, which he calls "Woodlands Airbase". He put up an "airshow" for me, flying his P40, a birthday gift I got for him last year. By the way, he affectionately name it "Bicsie" because it was painted by me too! :D Read more about Ed's hobby here.
After that, we drove around some farms near our place, & then we decided to stop for an ice-cream @this roving "Mama-Shop" in a van. We strolled around the park while enjoying our ice-cream & to our pleasant surprise, we caught two very interesting sight. First of all, we saw a family actually cooking lotsa "bah-zhang" (rice dumpling) at a bbq-pit! & it sure look like those are for sale! haha... Didn't dare take any photo of this family since we were too near & we definitely had no intention to buy any from them! :P

Just beside this enterprising family, a HUGE crowd gather, all looking towards the sea in anticipation. As we follow their gaze, this is what we saw!
Apparently a few men had come back in a sampan full of FISH! & they are going for $3/kg! Iyo... people can be so resourceful & business-minded! Honestly, I doubt this is legal, but maybe if fishing there is legal, well, I suppose these people are just trying their luck?? :P Either way, Edward & I had a very interesting afternoon & it's been awhile since our last weekend outing together :) So it was real nice... :)))

Ed decided he wanted to go somewhere by the beach to have dinner, so we head towards Bottle Tree Restaurant along Sembawang Beach. Yes, all these very cool, Singapore's hidden treasures, are all VERY NEAR our Admiralty Drive studio. Are you jealous??? hehe... :P
We ordered this very interesting dish - Lychee Prawn Balls. As the name suggests, it's simply lychee+prawns, deep fried till golden brown in patter, & the taste is heavenly! Yummy! We were even inspired to try it at home someday... yes, someday... :P

Even though I injured my wrist & had been unwell for the whole week, I must say I'm absolutely enjoying my weekend! I know few of you (u know who u are) reading this must be wondering if I've forgotten all about your orders :P Hehe... Don't worry la! I'm definitely working on them & you are definitely getting your parcels next week, as promised :)

Oh, to ALL MOTHERS, especially my Mum AiChoo, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
ps: Mum, don't forget our hot date on Monday ;) I love you!


Shirley Lim said...

Your "woodlands airbase" is next to S'pore Sports School ?

Knotty Bicsie said...

hehe.. yes, shirley... shh.... :P