First Ever Introductory Crochet Craze Workshop @MAAD

Last Sunday @MAAD I was kept extremely busy throughout the day with 4 New Crochet Craze & a few other Funky Knitters who came by in the afternoon for a knit-out (& chit-chat) session. :P

Meet Elaine, a fellow vendor @MAAD who stole some time away from her stall to come learn a new skill :P
"Betsy is a practical & realistic instructor, she does not promise you the sky about what you can do with basic crochet skill. Hence, with my existing craft knowledge, I am able to gauge how far I can go, how good I want to be for future projects. However, I felt that 2hrs is not enough for for a first-time crochet enthusiast to finish up a handphone pouch (on our own). But it is a very good introductory lesson to get a taste of what hard work is all about. I had fun during her workshop, which explore the cor-ordination between fingers of 2 hands, unknowingly increase unnecessary stitches, and with a lot of help from Betsy, I am a proud owner of a iPod cover. :P
Thanks for the workshop, I would continue to practice my crochet skill next MAAD." - Elaine, 5th May 2009

Jeslyn, who has been fascinated  by some amazing Amigurumi pictures she saw from our blogs,  came to try her hands on crochet as well.
"The workshop is very basic, just nice for someone like me who has never touched yarn before & who has no experience in crochet or knitting. It's good for me to learn & get the feel, & for me to see if my interest is there.
The duration is just nice, but probably need a few more lesson to complete a (proper) project for beginner (1st-timer like myself).
Thanx for the patience & guidance!" -Jeslyn, 3rd May 2009

Amanda & Pauline, a pair of cheerful & enthusiastic cousins, rushed down from their yoga class to try crochet for the first time too.
"Had a fun time learning the single crochet stitch. Would love to learn more from you in future! Thanks, Betsy!" -Amanda Yong, 3rd May 2009

"It's been an enjoyable & relaxing 2-hr crochet learning experience with Betsy, who's been patient with a beginner like me. Thanks a lot, betsy! :)" -Pauline Huang, 3rd May 2009

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