Much Ado About Nothing

Last weekend turns out to be a really enjoyable one. We celebrated Adrian's birthday over "Much Ado About Nothing" @Fort Canning Park. All thanx to our dear friend, Michael Corbidge (who's 1 of the main casts), we got our tix at 20% discount! & most gratefully, we got a sumptuous picnic spread! Yum!
The stage setting is simply beautiful! I love the pool & Edward loves the wooden frames. Gorgeous! It was a FULL HOUSE that night.
Bought Adrian's birthday cake from tcc. Cocoa Cointreau is so yummy! Definitely will go for the cake again! Chenyee, the other Adrian, Deborah, Edward & I shared to buy a BIG BOXFUL OF YARNS for Adrian. Yes, Adrian knits alot too! In fact, some of you might even own Adrian's creations! ;) Actually, he's been knitting some pretty rose brooches, bags & "ginger-bread-man dolls" for Knotty Bicsie. So now u know who are, proud owner of Adrian's masterpieces ;)
Since it was still exam period, I only had a morning class on Sunday the following day, so Edward & I decided to go check out "Da Vinci - The Genius" Exhibition @Science Centre. Well, it was interesting, but I think it was more interesting to Edward, then it was to me, since I knew more about Da Vinci than him :) can see those aero-dynamic inventions really excite him a lot :)

It sure has been a long long time since Edward & I can can spend quality weekend times together like last 2 weekends. To think that I'm running a home-based cottage business, yet so little time with my loved ones. I really can't imagine how much quality family time normal working couples have! This is kinda scary & sad :( 

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