Many Things Lining Up Till July

For the 1st time, we had a surprise birthday party for a good friend, Deborah, last Sunday. I did what I do best for her birthday present - I crochet a trendy scarf for her. Looks fantastic on her, don't you think? :)
May has given me 2 weekends of good break with Edward, but also marks the start of a long list of things to do all the way till July at least...
Well, on top of my usual small orders & classes, my biggest headache now is this corporate deal with South East Community Development Council. They've ordered 210pcs of my Miniature Knitted Art. My target is to paint at least 20pcs per day for the next 11days, then I'll start wriggling my fingers for the knitted/crochet portion. As much as I truly think I'm the first & only one doing this type of artwork, I don't have the confidence to daringly declare that yet :P I have been surfing the net to see if there's any others doing this, well, good news is I don't seem to have found anyone else yet :) Unlike mine, which I incorporate knitting/crochet with acrylic painting, others are all fully knitted/crochet. Hehe... so am I really the pioneer in this??? I sure hope so! :D
Other things that I'll be busy with for the next 2 months are corporate workshops. I'll be doing 2 or 3 Art & Craft Workshops for kids below 12years old, & 2 Funky Knit Workshops for Hwa Chong Institute (College). I'm really thrilled about the Funky Knit Workshop @Hwa Chong Institute. It is always Knotty Bicsie's mission & vision to popularize knitting/crochet as a therapeutic life-long hobby, & also to make crafting a modern way of life for everyone. What better way to do this than to start with the young? :) I'm engaging 2 of my young Funky Knitters to be my assistant instructors for this workshop in July. I'm so looking forward to the day when the stereotypical image of old granny knitting in her rocking chair is to be replaced with trendy youngsters wriggling their fingers while chilling out! :D

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