KBCC #18 - Pop-Up Cards

Last Saturday was KBCC once again. I was down with flu & cough :( Luckily Moses had agreed to stand in for me to teach the making of Pop-Up Cards. Moses even thoughtfully photocopied instruction sheets for all to follow. We all had a jolly good time, just as usual. :) Thanks, Moses!
Check out our colourful masterpieces!

Despite the usual hot weather @KBCC (we noticed that it has NEVER RAINED at all, ever since KBCC shifted back to Knotty Bicsie Studio!), we managed to finished all our Mee Siam! Yum...  Yum... :)))

Special Announcement!!!
KBCC will stop for a session in October. On the last Saturday of October (31st October), we will be having Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Anniversary Celebrations instead! Just like last year, we'll be having our Knotty Tea Party; different from last year, we will be hosting a "Handmade-A-Fair" in our cosy studio this year!

All are welcome! Simply email Betsy (bicsie@gmail.com) to RSVP to reserve a goodie bag each. Check back here on 1st October for more details. :)

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